Dear Egypt,

I really congratulate Egypt for its recent successful struggle. Finally, Egypt has gotten free from the 30 years dictatorship of ex-president Mubarak. However, this is not the time to be only filled with joy, but to be prepared in settling the society.

It is important to change the struggle into a revolution that will chage the whole society. I heard that it is literally the first successful time a resistance had happened in Egypt in recent years. It is a good signal that the citizens of Egypt turned active from passive state. Ex-president Mubarak had suppressed Eyptians greatly. The repression is evident, seeing that there are about 2,000,000 security policemen when there are 400,000 soldiers. The media also had been successfully blocked of any disadvantageous news for Mubarak. Such situation had been continued for 30 years, which the citizens would be used to. Sudden change of social atmosphere is likely to bring confusion and chaos. To reform the society witout any side-effects, education is needed.

The first needed component is the education of the young leaders. It is important to have young people who leaded the struggle to be leaders, instead of people in the old hierachy. The previous leaders would be used to Mubarak’s hierachy, and its unjust politics. By replacing the leaders, Egypt can have a fresh new start with leaders who have clear future in mind. Still, it is possible that the newly selected leaders are not aware of what just democratic society is actually is. Thus, having young minds actually experience democracy can help them to settle a clear idea of what to do. By traveling different democratic countries and learning their systems, the future Egyptian leaders can compare and contrast to find the best system for their own country. Since democratic systems are not perfect yet, experiencing different systems would clarify defects of the system and make the leaders search for a solution.

Another component would be the education of the Egyptian people. Egypts’ illeteracy rate is about 40% or even higher. This is one of the main reason why Egypt had been under dictatorship for a long time. Even when Mubarak manipulated the media, the citizens were not able to notice it. The weakness of the Egyptian citizens provides possibility of another misuse of politics and power, leading to another unfair situation. By educating the Egyptian citizens, the illiterac rate would decrease along with useful knowledge. People say knowledge is power. Through education would give Egyptians power to resist the unjust and have power to stand up by themselves.

Right now is a time of confusion. It is crucial to strive through such time to achieve a peaceful society. The first basic step is to educate people , which I hope the soceity would be able to do.



Hello! My name is Yoosun Sung, which would be 성유선. The meaning is from chinese characters 成侑宣, each 成 to achieve, 侑 to suggest, 宣 to give charity. Thus, the whole meaning is “to achieve the giving of charity.”

Right now, I’m getting adjusted to the new life in KMLA and also my dorm life. It is quite a new experience for me to live in a dorm, and it is quite fun.

One of my hobby is listening to music, and I have many favorite musicians. For Idol groups, I like Big Bang, SHINee, and 2NE1. I also like Rihanna and Eminem, so “I Love the Way You Lie” is one of my favorite songs. The good news is that Big Bang revealed a new album with six great songs! YAY

Well, I’m looking foward to this new high school life, and I’m confident that I would have a good time. 🙂


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