Posted on: June 17, 2011


THBT South Korea should instigate Jasmine Revolution in North Korea.


1. It goes against the spirit of Jasmine Revolution. Jasmine Revolution is a voluntary revolution, which is neither motivated or manipulated by a certain government or people. If South Korea instigates Jasmine Revolution, then it goes against the true meaning of the revolution. When a voluntary revolution happens, the reason is because the inhabitants desperately feel the need to do it. The desire and will in mind powers the people to change the world around them. To have a successful revolution, there should be the main force and will; however, if South Korea instigates the revolution, the time point being is when North Korea lacks the imminent will. Thus, there is lower possibility of having a successful revolution.

2. It is wrong to interfere with other countries domestic affairs. There had been many agreements and contracts which protects the sovereignty of countries. If South Korea instigates Jasmine Revolution, the act is invading North Korea’s own rights. The act can actually start an international dispute. World’s super powers are related with the present conflict between North and South Korea. The countries include USA, China, Japan, and others. Especially, USA and China are rivals in numerous aspects, such as economical status, ideology, and even ranking of international influence. For the ideological aspect, publicly China supports North Korea, while USA supports South Korea. The tension is big between the two teams; however, if chaos of North Korea happens due to the revolution, the fragile relationship can be broken,making an international dispute. There is possibility that the super powers can use the chaotic atmosphere of the revolution for their own goods. For example, China is tempting to merge North Korea’s territory into their own, while Japan is tempting the territory of South Korea.

3.  The social infra is disadvantageous in instigating a revolution. Due to the government, the social network for information in North Korea is poorly developed. The media, internet, and any route of information is thoroughly blocked by the government. To instigate the revolution, the information must spread to at least sympathize people into join the revolution. Without the power of the mass media, the situation is unlikely to get huge participation of the North Korean inhabitants. Also, under the heavy pressure from the government, the revolution act can be easily caught. In addition, the literary brain wash of the inhabitants makes it hard for the revolutionary atmosphere to spread.

4. The revolution will bring loss for both South Korea and North Korea. Seeing Libya, many child soldiers are being killed. There is no assurance that the revolution would be a peaceful one. If not, there would be great economical and social loss of two countries. Also, after the revolution, there would be great setbacks in settling, such as East Germany.

5. There is too much risk of instigating the revolution. Currently, South and North Korea are maintaining a fragile relationship. If the revolution fails, the act is providing a major reason for North Korea to wage a war upon South Korea. North Korea has provoked South Korea numerous times, and once even proclaimed war if further trouble happened. The act of instigating war is a great bait for North Korea to invade South Korea, bringing live hell to the peninsula.

Thus, South Korea should not instigate Jasmine Revolution in North Korea.


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