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Eminem-Not Afraid

I’m not afraid

To take a stand


Come take my hand

We’ll walk this road together, through the storm

Whatever weather, cold or warm

Just lettin’ you know that, you’re not alone

Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road

Eminem’s “Not Afraid” is a song with direct lyrics about his inner feelings.  There are previous lyrics, which I favor. Sometimes, majority of the people witch-hunt down people who go against their beliefs, which is wrong. Because of such witch-hunt, even people who know what is right beocmes ignorant, and even become one of the thoughtless majority. The left, few people seem like they are alone and that the whole world turned backs on them. However, the lyrics are telling that actually they are not alone and that they should not be afraid to take a stand. I thought that it showed courage that people need, when the world is dominated by wrong beliefs of the majority.



 Many people think rainbow as attractive, so do I. The different, bright colors are attractive and mystique.

Still, I believe there is more to the rainbow, than its colors which makes it attractive as it is. The important point of a rainbow is that the harmony the colors show. The lights are different from each other, but still it makes a great harmony in which its attractiveness shows. Each color does not try to dominate the rainbow or win over each other, but by shining bright distinctively makes one great piece of artwork.

Each person has one’s own characteristics. From the difference, people quarrel with each other. However, if people can respect each other and together express their characteristics, in whole we can make a great picture like the rainbow.

     Quija board: a board used for necromancy, to invite spirits and talk with them. Unless you say ‘goodbye’ and get permission of the spirit, stopping the game will bring terrible results.

     My friend Lancy came to sleepover at my house at 9 o’ clock bringing one of these. It seemed antique, but quite decorative, wth engravings of demons, spirits and something that looked like ancient alphabet. I asked where she had got it.

     “I don’t know,” she said, “Some with-looking granny asked if I wanted to see supernatural happenings, and I said yes. I mean who wouldn’t want to? Anyways, when I replied, she shoved this Quija board into my arms and just went.”

     “Well…I guess we can try that out tonight,” I said, “maybe a ghost or two would visit us.”

     There were no grownups in my house, and any experiments were ready for us to do. We went to a dining table, and set up the board. The board is just a joke. What could possibly happen?”

     We lightly held onto the pointer and asked, “Are you ready?”

     The pointer moved and was on top of the ‘Yes’ sign. Lancy was definitely moving it, becuase my arm was totally resting.

     “Oh my god. You moved it right? I didn’t do that.” shouted Lancy in utter disbeilief.

     Oh. There she goes, acting. I said no, and pretended to be surprised, thinking that I would rather act together than to break the joy. We asked some more questions, and found out that the spirit was actually a demon. Suddenly and idea popped into my head.

     “Hey. Let’s ask the demon if it can kill any person tonight. If it is really a demon answering our question maybe it can perform soem supernatural acts just like the granny said.” I said, thinking this whole Quija happening as a joke.

     “Maybe we shouldn’t,” Lancy in a trembling voice, “I think the granny is right. It is neither of us who were moving the pointer. It can really be a demon.”

     She should be an actor. I never saw someone who can put on a frightened face that real. I ignored her and asked if the demon can mrder anyone tonight. It replied ‘Yes.’

     “Let’s stop here. We should…,” murmured Lancy.

     Again ignoring her, I asked who the demon will kill.


     “Stop!” screamed Lancy, throwing the Quija board away from the table. “I was scared, I told you. How can you ignore me, and keep doing it!” She began to cry.

     “Chill,” I said, “You know that the whole Quija game is just a joke, don’t you? Let’s just forget this and go to bed.”

     Lancy finally stopped crying and we both lay on the bed. Nothing can happen. I assured myself and Lancy that everything was just a game, nothing more. To assure Lancy, we set up a camera to record the night. Lancy seemed to be asleep, tired with all that crying. I lay quietly, unable to sleep somehow. Through the window, I saw that it started to rain and the window pane became fogged up, with rain drops all over. Suddenly, I saw a black shadow looming across the window. With goose bumps all over me, I ran to the window and opened it, putting my head outside and looking around. There was no one on the street. Thinking that it was just my imagination, I tired to shut the window, when sudden wind swished into my room. Maybe because of the wind and rian, the light utrned off, started to flicker. I quickly closed the window, turned off the flickering light, and flung myslef into into bed. Pullin the blanket up to my face, I waited for minutes, and nothing happend. As starting to get sleepy, I suddenly fainted.

     I felt my consciousness fading away. Something was wrong. I was sitting with my hand gripping something. I slowly opened my eyes. The light which should be turned off was flickering. Something warm and wet was soaking my leg and my feet. I looked down and saw Lancy’s stabbed body. The unclosed eyes were looking straight at me with a look a terror. What was terrifying was that I did not scream, but instead felt tip of my lips curling up. A slight movement of my hand caught my attention. Held in my had was blood-soaked Quija board point. It was making out letters.


     With a slow turn of my head, I faced the mirror. Inside the mirror was not my reflection, but there sat a demon, tip of its lips curled up grinning. The demon raised the hand holding the point and put it up to its throat. I felt my hand moving up, the Quija point heading at my throat. With a split second of realization, the point slashed through my throat, and I was gone, just like that.

     The next day, parents found both girls, dead on the floor, along with a burnt Quia board and called the police in utter horror and sorrow. The police found the recorded file of the camera. It showed of two girls going to bed. Few hours later, a girl abruptly woke up, took the Quija board point, and frantically stabbed her friend Lancy. Then, few seconds later, she stabbed herself in the throat, committing suicide. The video ended right after. Police claimed that it was just murder with hatred, and suicide by feeling of guilt. However, it was a mstery that the weapon, the Quija board point, wasn’t found. The film ended, showing no evidence of the location of the Quija board point or how the board was burnt.

     After the police left, the camera whirled and showed the remaining film. After being stabbed in the throat, the girl died. As the girl’s arm fell powerlessly to the ground, the Quija point landed on the board and made some words.


     Suddenly, the Quija board was on fire, making dancing shadows on walls. Then, a dark shadowy figure appeared, and with its shadowy arm, it picked up the Quija point. As it walked out the window with the Quija point, faint footsteps were printed in the pool of blood, then disappeared. After the shadowy figure was gone, the film ended. The camera spewed smoke and sparks, and burst into flames.

Structural violence is a form of violence that a social structure inflicts, thus preventing people from meeting their basic needs. After human society was established, structural violence had always co-existed with people. It is a person’s natrual instinct to form groups based on similarities and discriminate the alienated others. Such violence still exists until today in various forms.

Economic society is not an exception. To fulfill the greed of the powerful nations, they usually inflict structural violence upon weaker countries. In general, structural violence allows companies to gain more profit than when they act fairly and equally. One major forms of economic structural violence is exploitation.

Exploitation is when the employer forces the workers to overwork beyond humane limits. Exploitation appeared in different forms as time passed by. In ancient times, slavery had the owner class and the slave class. Being born as a slave made the act of exploitation justified to the society with its accepted hierarcy. In the Middle Ages, feudalism worked as a exploitation. A castle’s lord forced serfs to overwork for them. This was also a hierarchy, but not that serfs had the duty to become slaves of lords. Its is just that to survive, serfs needed land, which they made a contract with lords to borrow some land in exchange with their labor. However, the high interest rate of land rent made serfs to work like slaves.

In modern society, exploitation seems impossible since there is no existing hierarcy in a democratic society. However, the equality of people turned out to be just an ideal option, as capitalism soon budged into people’s lives. As market economy became the main, capitalism followed, forming an unseen hierarchy. Capitalist class and labor class were divided, the former having the economical power. The labor class does not have any resources except for their labor, which they “sell” to the capitalist class. Exploitation is usually inflicted on the lowest labor class, who desperately needs money to meet their basic needs and survive. Companies know that these people cannot evade even the harsh working conditions, since it is the literally only way to live and cannot quit for the sake of their lives. Thus, the ones in higher status force workers to become slaves for themselves.

The capitalitst class and labor class idea is expanded into countries. There are rich, powerful countires, while there are poor, weak countries. Rich countries usually include the first-world countries, while  the other third-world countries. Developed countries usually produce capitals, which they get raw materias from the developing countries. Such act leads to never-ending cycle of developed countries’ economy growing and the delay of developing countries. When rich countries import raw materials, it is frequent that they under pay the poor countries, gaining additional profit. This is an act of exploitation since the poor countries do not get adequate reward for the labor of providing base material.

Exploitation is a obstacle which hinders the growth of fair economy in the international world. Fair trade is needed for the happiness of all, not of few. Many tries are being done to achieve fair economy.

Some humanist organizations inform people about companies inflicting exploitation. Acknowledgement motivate people to use less of products provided by those companies, thus affecting the companies to change their method of production. An exmple is the child exploitation of soccer balls. At one time, it was revealed that famous sports companies, such as Nike, produced their soccer balls by child explotation. People were offended by this fact, thus boycotted those companies. The companies changed their wrong method, saving the children.

Another solution is fair trade product. Recently, fair trade products, such as fair trade chocolate, received spotlight by the media. Fair trade chocolate is chocolate made from cacao beans that was fairly payed back. Even though it is more expensive than other chocolates, it is meaningful. When people realize its value and prefer fair trade product over products using exploitaition, it would change other companies to do fair trade.

People and companies act for their profits. Such natural instinct makes it almost impossible to achieve fair economy. However, it people show the world that they like fair economy better, will affect the compnies since they will know that it is more profitable for them to act fairly. Every small changes make huge changes. It is important that people take interest in having fair economy and change even small parts of their acts.


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